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The Mission of RDC: To inspire a sense of awe and stewardship for the natural world by supporting conservation, education, discovery and recreation.
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Please help us make a better home for our chimpanzees in Nebraska

As the social needs of chimpanzees are better understood, we realize the need to increase our chimp colony from 3 to 7 individuals. Through construction and building modification we can accomplish this. Your help is absolutely essential if we are to make a better home for our chimp friends. Jack, Sarah & Scooter send their sincerest “hoots” and backslaps in thanks.



For other ways you can donate to Riverside Discovery Center, please check out our Donations Page.

Adopt – an – animal

zebra baby
Animal adoptions are a great way to support the Riverside Discovery Center.
Your adoption funds go towards the care and feeding of your animal for one year and make a great gift for family and friends.  There are four tiers of adoption with increased benefits per tier.

Tier one: $25.00- You will receive a certificate of adoption.
Tier two:  $50.00- You will receive a letter from the zookeepers about your animal and a certificate of adoption.
Tier three:  $100.00- You will receive a 5×7 picture of your animal, a letter from the zookeepers and a certificate of adoption.
Tier four:  $250.00- You will receive 2 tickets to the zoo for a personal talk from a staff member about your animal, plus all the benefits of tier three.

Adoptions do not mean you get to take your animal home (or can interact with it in any way)… it is just a great way to help support the zoo!  :)

Any animal is open for adoption in any tier.
Just fill out the form (can be found below) and drop it off at the zoo gift shop.

adoption form 2014

Adoption flyer 2014

Zoo TunesFor more information check out our Zoo Tunes page here.



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