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Explore, Wonder, Awe-Inspiring.

Connecting children to nature through hands-on, interactive activities.

Many of our programs include the use of biofacts, live animals and other activities that will teach students about the topic in a fun and unique way.

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School Programs

We have many programs tailored to hands on education for school-aged children.

All of our programs contain materials that meet various Nebraska standards.

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Pre-K-3rd Grade|2nd-6th Grade | 5th – 8th Grade | 8th – High School

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Pre K – 3rd grade

Nature Tales

These are special literacy programs for pre-K through 3rd grade. These 30 min classes will include a story read to the class, an activity related to the book, and meeting an education animal. Teachers are able to select stories for their students based on their learning level and interest. Available as an on or off site program.

Very Hungry Caterpillar

A House for Hermit Crab

Out on the Prairie

The Rainforest Grew all around.

Very hair bear

Moose tracks



The Hole Story


2nd – 6th grade

The program includes biofacts, an activity and an animal visit. These classes are 45 minutes long.

Classification Programs

Body Coverings

This program compares and contrasts what keeps an animal’s insides in across 5 taxa. Program will have two animals from two different classes.

 Meets the following Nebraska standards for ESU #13 curriculum.
Science: 2.1.1 d, g; 2.3.1 a-d; 2.3.2; 2.3.4; 2.4.2b; 5.1.1 i; 5.1.2a-c; 5.3.1a-b; 5.3.4a.
Reading: 1.1.5b,e,d; 1.1.6j; 1.3.1; 1.3.2; 2.1.5 b, d; 2.3.1; 2.3.2; 3.1.5; 3.3.1; 3.3.2; 4.1.5b; 4.3.1; 4.3.2;5.1.5b; 5.3.1; 5.3.2.


What Makes Me…Me: A Study of Classification

These programs focus on one class of animals. Each program will study the characteristics of that classification of animals. You may select from:

Mammals – hedgehog and chinchilla

Amphibians – salamander and toad

Reptiles – two different groups of reptiles

Invertebrates – cockroaches and spider

*If you would like a compare and contrast classes please let us know at the time you reserve the class. You may select any two classes from our list.

Adaptions Classes

I Will Survive: A Study of Adaptations

These programs focus on adaptations. Students will explore how animals’ unique adaptations help them survive their habitats.

Fantastic Feet

Learn about the amazing world of animal feet.  How some animals have digging feet while others have feet that are better for swimming and why.  This hands-on program includes biofacts and visits from live animals.

 Science: 2.1.1 g; 2.3.1 a-d; 3.2.3; 5.1.1 i; 5.3.1 a, b; 5.3.4a;
Reading: 1.1.5b,e,d; 1.1.6j; 1.3.1; 1.3.2; 2.1.5 b, d; 2.3.1; 2.3.2; 3.1.5; 3.3.1; 3.3.2; 4.1.5b; 4.3.1; 4.3.2; 5.1.5b; 5.3.1; 5.3.2.

Hats Off to Bats

Bats are very mysterious creatures that not many people get to see.  This program will teach students about bats unique lifestyle including their anatomy, how they hunt, where they live and so much more through hands-on activities.

 Science: 2.1.1 d, f, g; 2.4.2 b; 2.3.4; 5.1.1 i; 5.3.1 a, b; 5.3.2 b; 5.3.3 c, d; 5.3.4;
Reading: 1.1.5b,e,d; 1.1.6j; 1.3.1; 1.3.2; 2.1.5 b, d; 2.3.1; 2.3.2; 3.1.5; 3.3.1; 3.3.2; 4.1.5b; 4.3.1; 4.3.2; 5.1.5b; 5.3.1; 5.3.2.

Build a Beast

Digging Dinos

5th – 8th grade programs

Ecosystem inquires

 These classes will be hour long investigations of the natural world

Food Chains/Energy Transfer

Investigate food chains to find out where energy goes after it leaves the sun.

Choose from:



Coral reef


Cargo for Conservation

Many animal species are endangered or have become extinct due to illegal animal trade.  During this interactive program students will learn about the wildlife trade and what its impact is on the environment.  Live animals are included in this program.

 Meets the following Nebraska standards for ESU #13 curriculum.
Science: 8.3.3 d-g; 8.3.4 a-c; 8.4.2 h;
Reading: 6.1.5 a-e; 6.3.1; 6.3.2; 7.1.5 a-e; 7.3.1; 7.3.2; 8.1.5 a-e; 8.3.1; 8.3.2.


Careers in conservation

Animals through the ages

Carrying capacity


Guided Tours

These programs will be hour long tours of a section of the zoo ending with a 10 – 15 min. keeper talk.

Appropriate for all ages tour information and activities will be adjusted for age level of audience.

Discovery Facts

A hawks vision is 3-4x sharper than ours. They can see their prey moving
10 -15,000 feet away.
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