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Special Events

Celebrate Your Special Events right here at RDC!

There’s no better place for your group, organization or family to celebrate anniversaries, graduations, milestones and other special events.

Our Gazebo area offers an atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else!

See below for more information.

Does your group, organization or family have a special event coming up?

Celebrate that anniversary or special event right here at RDC.

We’ve got a beautiful gazebo and picnic area, fresh air and GREAT scenery!

Where else can you picnic with animals from around the world?


To register your group, organization or family for a Special Event in our Gazebo area, fill out the Registration Form below.

Simply fill it out with the pertinent information and submit. We’ll get back to you with confirmation information.

Would you rather make reservations by phone?

Call us at (308) 630-6236 and we’ll be happy to help.

Special Events Form

Includes: admission for 10 children, 2 adults (additional guests, per gate admission prices), t-shirt for birthday child, $0.25 per child for animal food to feed the petting zoo animals.
Animal visit: $25 additional. (Choice of 1: snake, ferret, skunk, or turtle) If you have questions, contact the office at 630-6236.
Adult contact: Date and Time of Party
Address: City: State:
Phone: ()-
Number of children expected: Number of adults:


  • Balloons, piƱatas, confetti, drinking straws and bringing in food to feed the animals ARE NOT allowed in the zoo.
  • If you are bringing any decorations, please confirm your list of decorations with a zoo staff member before bringing them into the zoo.
  • Parents are responsible for birthday cake.
  • Children MUST be supervised at all times; there must be one adult per five children.
  • Parties are held in the gazebo area. It will be reserved for your use the day of the party. Party must take place during regular operational hours.
  • Please plan to book your party at least two weeks in advance.
  • Payment must be received at time reservation is taken (additional guests may be paid for at time of party).

Discovery Facts

Colobus monkey can jump up to 50 feet.

Click Here for more Fun Facts about the Colobus Monkey!

Birthday Parties
Got a Birthday Coming Up?
No matter if you are 50 years young or 9 years old, RDC is the place for a party you won’t forget!

We’ve got birthday party packages, animal visits and more.

Click Here for More Info or Contact Us at 308-630-6236.