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General Donations, Non-Monetary Donations, Bequests
Projects, Adopt an Animal and Construction Contributions.

Help us continue to bring wonder, education and excitement to the public.

There are several ways you can help the RDC.

See more information about how you can help below.

Share the Care!

At Riverside Discovery Center, we bring our mission of conservation and education to life with over 80 species of amazing animals. We could not do this without the support of members, admissions and donations! We are most grateful for all the support we receive in this community!

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Donate your old stuff!

We are always in need of and appreciate non-monetary donations!

If you’ve got stuff laying around that you’d like to get rid of, we may be able to use it at the zoo!

Items such as Craft Materials, various food items (please call to check), lumber and even services can be used and are appreciated.

Our current Wish List:
  • Blank canvas
  • Tempera paint (washable, non-toxic)
  • Various food items (un-expired)
  • Burlap sacks
  • Hammocks – can be old with holes in it
  • Wicker baskets
  • Balls (jolly, boomer, tennis, etc)
  • Pet toys (puzzle boxes, etc.)
  • Bird toys
  • Suet feeder holders
  • Boxes from large appliances
  • PVC pipe
  • Fire hose
  • Lumber
  • Plastic Animal carriers
    • All sizes (cat, dog, etc.)
    • Small animal plastic containers
  • Pet chew bones

Please Call Us at (308) 630-6236 if you have any items that you would like to donate!

If you are interested in adding RDC to your Will, please Contact Us.

Adopt an Animal
Adopt an animal is a great way to support the care of our animals.
Adoption money is used to help feed the animal and provide enrichment.
Click Here for more information.