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Our Latest Project

Teach and Outreach

Help support our education and outreach programs.

Educating people of all ages is an important part of our mission at the RDC and we accomplish this through school programs, community events and our Lil’ Explorers program for toddlers (just to name a few).

Our Lil’ Explorers program is geared towards teaching children 2-5 years old about the world around them, wildlife and themselves. Various activities and stations allow the children to learn about the topic through games, crafts and play.

This kind of program is extremely important for teaching young children the skills they will need throughout their life as well as improving their learning ability when they start attending school.

This project will help expand our Lil’ Explorers program, as well as future school programs, by providing equipment and supplies that partakers can use to explore nature and learn about the animals in the zoo. More equipment means more options and the chance to have more people come to the program.

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