Only 3.8 Miles from
Scottsbluff Monument!

A bright spot on the horizon for two lost boys

Join the community in helping out these brother bears!

The story of these two brother bears is one of both sorrow and joy.  In the spring of 2017 their mother was illegally killed in Wyoming.  State and Federal wildlife officials hoped the two orphaned cubs would survive in the wild without their mother.   After several months on their own in the wild, the two cubs became increasingly habituated to humans for food.  State and Federal wildlife officials were concerned about public safety and the well-being of the grizzly cubs.  When it was evident the cubs were not going to survive in the wild on their own, State and Federal wildlife officials made the decision to capture the two cubs and try to find them a home.  Riverside Discovery Center offered to assist in the rescue of the two cubs and to provide a new home for these two grizzly bear cubs.  Now they are here and we are working hard to build them a new home right in our very own community.  This is truly unlike any challenge we have taken on before and we need your help to meet it head on.  Please donate today.

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