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Scottsbluff Monument!

The Zoo

Our zoo is a great place to observe up close unique animals and learn about the importance of saving wildlife and their habitat.

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A Zoo and Much More!

In conjunction with the RDC Zoo animals and enclosures, we offer programs, hands on interaction and a top of the line gift shop.

Our zoo provides great opportunities to see rare wildlife conveniently and safely. The petting zoo and our education animals offer up close and personal encounters with some unique animals.


Conservation is an important aspect of zoos and aquariums around the world. Our mission is to teach people about the importance of preserving natural areas around the world and protecting the wildlife that lives there.

RDC is home to 16 different SSP (species survival plan) animals. Many of these animals are threatened or endangered, some critically, in the wild.

Together zoos around the world work hard to breed these animals to preserve their genetic diversity so that their populations can survive for generations to come.


At RDC you can see and learn about more than 175 animals from around the world. Click Below for more Information.

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