Help RDC Pay for Freezer Repairs!


Riverside Discovery Center has been a community staple in Scottsbluff for years. As a non-profit, this also means that, unfortunately, much of their equipment has been around for years as well. Recently, the walk-in freezer broke down. This freezer is a necessity, as it holds the meat for all of RDC’s carnivores, from the swift foxes to the big cats. Luckily, the damage was able to be repaired before anything inside had a chance to spoil. However, the zoo is now looking at a repair bill of over $5,000. This is a daunting amount, especially in winter when attendance and income are low. Show your support for our local zoo by helping RDC out! The tigers (and everyone else) sincerely thank you!  To donate, go to the Facebook Fundraiser page here:

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